Thursday, December 31, 2009

FYP progress

Submittion of the FYP change to 5th january, however 4th nid to present the FYP already, nw left 4 day to do..... no much to talk, juz wan to say i really bad luck, the bad luck stick with me from last 2 week until nw, everything has been change, computer have problem, 3D max also have problem, keep lag out until last 2 day i change to 2010 ver, date of submission oso change, then the story also nid to change..... speechless

castle front view(but wont appear in my fyp, coz time not enough)

castle rear view

Soldier of light clan(also wont appear in my FYP)

1 of my animation shot(inside the pic is Zeus which is the final encounter of my animation)

no much experience in 3D, everything nid to b learn, from modeling, mapping, lighting, rendering, rigging, n the final part is animating(the hardest), still have compositing and effect....

wat i realize is my 1 year 3d experience really cant support me to done a great animation, 3d animation hard to b done by alone, increase my useless feeling, rendering plus animating nid take at least 1 month above....

even i use all my time to rush, everynite sleep at 7am n wake up at 12pm(start from my computer recovery from damage).... anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to all of u......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rebellion of Dark(WIP)

Long time didnt update blog, haha, juz bcoz bz on the FYP

main character - Xammus

Soldier of the Light Clan

the dark color 1 is for main character, gold color is for Zeus(boss)

right side is for light clan soldier, left side is Excalibur, in the final part, Zeus will use Excalibur as their weapon

So far the progress is tat, mapping of Excalibur havent done, still seaching the reference, if some1 have a nice reference, plz send to me, haha, n left 1 character(Zeus) havent done, next week will start rig my character n do the enviroment plus lighting setting, hope can done all.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Juz simple do modeling the flight mode of arios, still have a lot detail didnt add in, so it's not consider as Arios Gundam. Will use in flash web assignment. And it juz take 1 hour to model the low res version, use another 1 hour for make it become more high res and assigned material on it.

Low poly version(1400 poly)

High poly

Open plier

This fella really geng, use 3D max model FF character for dancing, check out their video list, a lot FF character and kingdom heart character has been model for dancing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fantasy Creature

Juz submit the Hybrid(juz a photo manipulation only), and my theme is Fantasy Creature, below is the pic that i use part of gundam model kits to composite with the ppl, use the same way as DG does before, haha

Mermaid, my 1st Hybrid done in 2 day

2nd is Centaur, i more like this than others

Medusa, thx for Wenny that willing to share their photo to me, really appeciate, but my composition skill not good enough, so hope u wont scold me, really paisei

Last 1 is Angel, use Elena's head to composite with the hot gal's body, also thx to Elena that share the photo to me

Next week still have cyber law's mid term and Web's layout gonna post at blog, haiz...... No time to start my FYP, cham.......

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Motion Graphic?3D Animation??

This video suppose is motion graphic, but i done like 3D aniamtion, i donno isn't consider motion graphic or not, i juz wan to improve my 3D n try the 3D animating, so don k hw mark i will get from our "BEST LECTURER".

Enjoy the video!

Still have Hybrid gonna to do, ARGHHHHHHHHHH, sienz ARGHHHHHHHHHH

Monday, June 22, 2009


It has been long time i didnt update my blog already, haha, here is the 3D tat i done for motion graphic, Thx to our "BEST" lectuere tat spend my time to think n modeling this robot, even i wan do my FYP. My title is "Classy Flight", WTF, i donno wat is tat meaning, but nvm, today is consultation for this motion graphic, c wat our "BEST" lecturer comment ba.

Modeling Time: 2 day
Software: 3D max 2009
Renderer: Mental Ray

Front view

Rear View

Still left Around half year to passup our FYP, i hope we really can done it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

female figure

Finally finish 1 female modeling, next is male modeling, hope can b done before new sem start

B cup

still thinking their hair style n suit, any suggestion?

Sunday, May 3, 2009


juz simple to create this 2 robot for test animating purpose, but nw i lack of reference, n cant online at home coz the modem problem, nw i almost give up to animate it.... hope can online soon

low poly BG

this image i use almost 4 hour to render, FG point is 1500, skylight plus sky portal , n the building n robot reflection is the main coz to take the long time to render

Modeling time: 2 day
Software: 3D max 2009
Renderer: mental ray

time to render 1 imgae is 4 hour, 1 sec nid 25 frame, so 1 sec animation nid take 100hour to render, then if i wan do the 1 min animation, it nid take 6000 hour, WTF, hw i render it? some 1 can solve my problem? i nid a natural light n the less render time....

today is my last day for internship, it's a good new for me, finally it's end, no nid wake up early, no breakfast time, no nid take 1 hour lrt, YEah!

n finally i wan finalize wat i have do during my internship

1. use 3d max to create 2 buster sword( 1 is ff7 cc, another 1 is ff7 ac), Qubeley, Linebarrel, 2 robot, n use photoshop to paint Judas

2. learn to use Maya, n wan to modeling the Eva-01, but when i modeling the head of it, i found out a lot problem, so i give up already

3. learn about IK n FK bone setup n constrain for 3d max

n wat i wan to do NEXT is

1. prepare the proposal for FYP, n start to think about the story of my animation

2. learn to modeling human

3. ask my roommate(fat fish) to sketch the weapon blueprint to me

n hope my FYP can shun shun li li to b done

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Linebarrel (update)

Finally mapping is done n i also create the color for normal mode of Linebarrel(at 1st i juz wanna do the Linebarrel mode-b), n i also success to rig it, but juz use FK only, coz IK hardly to control, mayb my experience not enough ba, nid to retry nest time...
Enjoy ba!!

i like this pic coz this is 1st pose tat i create for it(even the mapping havent done)

is time to sleep, Good Night ot u all, wish u all have a sweet dream!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Linebarrel [mode B]

Finally, done the modeling, even it still have some part not so accurate as the real 1, but this time i don't have real model n blue print to refer, is a big challenge for me. Mapping havent done, havent rigging also, but i decide tomorrow ask my senior to teach me about it since i still have 1 month for internship, don wan waste the chance to learn something new, haha

Modeling time: almost 3 week (it's really too long)
Software: 3D max 2009
Renderer: default renderer(skylight)

Sky light render, coz lazy to adjust target spot

will update again after mapping done, ENJOY!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Qubeley (update)

Juz wanna update Blog, so.....
i havent learn about rigging, this juz link part to part

This Mobile Suit is piloted by the leader of Axis, later renamed in Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam as Neo Zeon, Haman Karn. A next-generation mobile suit development of the Principality of Zeon's MAN-08 Elmeth mobile armor, the AMX-004 Qubeley was designed and built by Axis military leader Haman Karn for her personal use. In addition to featuring a large set of wing binders on its shoulders to assist in AMBAC (Active Mass Balance AutoControl), it carried a pair of dual-purpose beam launchers/beam sabers for close combat and a tail binder containing a set of funnels, a smaller and cheaper version of the Elmeth's bits. These small remote weapons, while still armed with a beam gun and thrusters for movement, were powered by an energy cap system which required recharging aboard the Qubeley after a certain amount of time. Controlled by a Newtype pilot's thoughts via the psycommu ("psychic communicator") system, the funnels turned the Qubeley into a truly deadly unit, capable of attacking enemies from beyond visual range. The Qubeley would remain Haman's personal mobile suit throughout the Gryps War and the Neo Zeon War, with its design serving as the basis for the later AMX-004G Qubeley Mass Production Type.

New type mode, haha, juz testing, still havent achieve my goal


Sunday, March 22, 2009


Still havent receive new job from company, so spend the time to learn 3d lo, n nw i know hw to stick together the UVW map n create Bump Map, some more my modeling skill also improve, really appreciate tat i havent receive new job yet, :)

Modeling Time: 4 day
Mapping Time: 1 day
Software: 3D Max 2009

Modeling Done

front view

Mapping Done
front view

back view

Wan to learn Maya next, :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Buster Sword (Advent Children version)

Use 2 day at company to finish the modeling n 1 nite to mapping n gather 6 sword to become Buster Sword, Enjoy

Modeling Done

Maping Done

This is normal mode, actually it have battle mode, but coz i cant c clearly the inside structure, so i juz make it to normal mode

Separate to 6 sword

Hope next week also didnt receive new job, in other can use the free time to learn Maya, X)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Juz done painting, n my head start pain already, donno y everytime if i not enough to sleep, i sure will get headache, mayb coz i face computer too long, however juz give some comment about my painting skill, Thx

Original artwork by cat cat
Original character design by Namco Tales Studio
Color by me

Next is remapping my Zeta Gundam n try to rig it, n also mapping my Buster Sword

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Judas from Tales Of Destiny2

1 month pass already since i intern from last month till nw, always received some boring job like rotoscoping, AI tracing n simple animation, lucky tat i havent get a new job, so i use whole working time to improve my painting skill, Enjoy

Original artwork by cat cat(seach at devianart)
Original Character Design by Namco

i havent finish it due to the time is over already, is time for me to back home, Bye

Friday, March 6, 2009

Buster Sword (FF7 Crisis Core Version)

Juz finish the job for FlyStudio, so i juz started the modeling for this buster sword.
2 day to complete the modeling n coloring, n it still in process due to mapping havent finish, below is the pic, Enjoy

Modeling Complete


Mapping ( but the color, material, lighting also got problem, no metal feel)

Final Render 1

Final Render 2

Will post again after i complete the mapping