Thursday, December 31, 2009

FYP progress

Submittion of the FYP change to 5th january, however 4th nid to present the FYP already, nw left 4 day to do..... no much to talk, juz wan to say i really bad luck, the bad luck stick with me from last 2 week until nw, everything has been change, computer have problem, 3D max also have problem, keep lag out until last 2 day i change to 2010 ver, date of submission oso change, then the story also nid to change..... speechless

castle front view(but wont appear in my fyp, coz time not enough)

castle rear view

Soldier of light clan(also wont appear in my FYP)

1 of my animation shot(inside the pic is Zeus which is the final encounter of my animation)

no much experience in 3D, everything nid to b learn, from modeling, mapping, lighting, rendering, rigging, n the final part is animating(the hardest), still have compositing and effect....

wat i realize is my 1 year 3d experience really cant support me to done a great animation, 3d animation hard to b done by alone, increase my useless feeling, rendering plus animating nid take at least 1 month above....

even i use all my time to rush, everynite sleep at 7am n wake up at 12pm(start from my computer recovery from damage).... anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to all of u......