Sunday, April 19, 2009

Linebarrel (update)

Finally mapping is done n i also create the color for normal mode of Linebarrel(at 1st i juz wanna do the Linebarrel mode-b), n i also success to rig it, but juz use FK only, coz IK hardly to control, mayb my experience not enough ba, nid to retry nest time...
Enjoy ba!!

i like this pic coz this is 1st pose tat i create for it(even the mapping havent done)

is time to sleep, Good Night ot u all, wish u all have a sweet dream!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Linebarrel [mode B]

Finally, done the modeling, even it still have some part not so accurate as the real 1, but this time i don't have real model n blue print to refer, is a big challenge for me. Mapping havent done, havent rigging also, but i decide tomorrow ask my senior to teach me about it since i still have 1 month for internship, don wan waste the chance to learn something new, haha

Modeling time: almost 3 week (it's really too long)
Software: 3D max 2009
Renderer: default renderer(skylight)

Sky light render, coz lazy to adjust target spot

will update again after mapping done, ENJOY!