Tuesday, May 19, 2009

female figure

Finally finish 1 female modeling, next is male modeling, hope can b done before new sem start

B cup

still thinking their hair style n suit, any suggestion?

Sunday, May 3, 2009


juz simple to create this 2 robot for test animating purpose, but nw i lack of reference, n cant online at home coz the modem problem, nw i almost give up to animate it.... hope can online soon

low poly BG

this image i use almost 4 hour to render, FG point is 1500, skylight plus sky portal , n the building n robot reflection is the main coz to take the long time to render

Modeling time: 2 day
Software: 3D max 2009
Renderer: mental ray

time to render 1 imgae is 4 hour, 1 sec nid 25 frame, so 1 sec animation nid take 100hour to render, then if i wan do the 1 min animation, it nid take 6000 hour, WTF, hw i render it? some 1 can solve my problem? i nid a natural light n the less render time....

today is my last day for internship, it's a good new for me, finally it's end, no nid wake up early, no breakfast time, no nid take 1 hour lrt, YEah!

n finally i wan finalize wat i have do during my internship

1. use 3d max to create 2 buster sword( 1 is ff7 cc, another 1 is ff7 ac), Qubeley, Linebarrel, 2 robot, n use photoshop to paint Judas

2. learn to use Maya, n wan to modeling the Eva-01, but when i modeling the head of it, i found out a lot problem, so i give up already

3. learn about IK n FK bone setup n constrain for 3d max

n wat i wan to do NEXT is

1. prepare the proposal for FYP, n start to think about the story of my animation

2. learn to modeling human

3. ask my roommate(fat fish) to sketch the weapon blueprint to me

n hope my FYP can shun shun li li to b done