Friday, March 6, 2009

Buster Sword (FF7 Crisis Core Version)

Juz finish the job for FlyStudio, so i juz started the modeling for this buster sword.
2 day to complete the modeling n coloring, n it still in process due to mapping havent finish, below is the pic, Enjoy

Modeling Complete


Mapping ( but the color, material, lighting also got problem, no metal feel)

Final Render 1

Final Render 2

Will post again after i complete the mapping


jacob said...

It doesn't seem like a sword wo, bro.
Mayb is the problem of the handle...

藍空 said...

the shape is really look like tat de, but mayb the color n no much metal feel so its look weird, thx for ur comment

BFA said...

The connection of the blade to the handle is much much to short and the part where the Blade and handle connect which is made of gold is a bit too thin for me..