Saturday, July 11, 2009


Juz simple do modeling the flight mode of arios, still have a lot detail didnt add in, so it's not consider as Arios Gundam. Will use in flash web assignment. And it juz take 1 hour to model the low res version, use another 1 hour for make it become more high res and assigned material on it.

Low poly version(1400 poly)

High poly

Open plier

This fella really geng, use 3D max model FF character for dancing, check out their video list, a lot FF character and kingdom heart character has been model for dancing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fantasy Creature

Juz submit the Hybrid(juz a photo manipulation only), and my theme is Fantasy Creature, below is the pic that i use part of gundam model kits to composite with the ppl, use the same way as DG does before, haha

Mermaid, my 1st Hybrid done in 2 day

2nd is Centaur, i more like this than others

Medusa, thx for Wenny that willing to share their photo to me, really appeciate, but my composition skill not good enough, so hope u wont scold me, really paisei

Last 1 is Angel, use Elena's head to composite with the hot gal's body, also thx to Elena that share the photo to me

Next week still have cyber law's mid term and Web's layout gonna post at blog, haiz...... No time to start my FYP, cham.......

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Motion Graphic?3D Animation??

This video suppose is motion graphic, but i done like 3D aniamtion, i donno isn't consider motion graphic or not, i juz wan to improve my 3D n try the 3D animating, so don k hw mark i will get from our "BEST LECTURER".

Enjoy the video!

Still have Hybrid gonna to do, ARGHHHHHHHHHH, sienz ARGHHHHHHHHHH