Sunday, May 3, 2009


juz simple to create this 2 robot for test animating purpose, but nw i lack of reference, n cant online at home coz the modem problem, nw i almost give up to animate it.... hope can online soon

low poly BG

this image i use almost 4 hour to render, FG point is 1500, skylight plus sky portal , n the building n robot reflection is the main coz to take the long time to render

Modeling time: 2 day
Software: 3D max 2009
Renderer: mental ray

time to render 1 imgae is 4 hour, 1 sec nid 25 frame, so 1 sec animation nid take 100hour to render, then if i wan do the 1 min animation, it nid take 6000 hour, WTF, hw i render it? some 1 can solve my problem? i nid a natural light n the less render time....

today is my last day for internship, it's a good new for me, finally it's end, no nid wake up early, no breakfast time, no nid take 1 hour lrt, YEah!

n finally i wan finalize wat i have do during my internship

1. use 3d max to create 2 buster sword( 1 is ff7 cc, another 1 is ff7 ac), Qubeley, Linebarrel, 2 robot, n use photoshop to paint Judas

2. learn to use Maya, n wan to modeling the Eva-01, but when i modeling the head of it, i found out a lot problem, so i give up already

3. learn about IK n FK bone setup n constrain for 3d max

n wat i wan to do NEXT is

1. prepare the proposal for FYP, n start to think about the story of my animation

2. learn to modeling human

3. ask my roommate(fat fish) to sketch the weapon blueprint to me

n hope my FYP can shun shun li li to b done


X ''Don' T'' X said...

wah....nice robot!!

藍空 said...

thx, wenny

deksuteru said...

cute bots!

On the issue of render time, you need to optimize the scene more. The quality it is at now does not justify the 4 hour-per-frame render time.

Sharon.L said...

omg...the robot that i see everyday on my com screen (wallpaper) ....sorry that i've replaced it with my "forgive myself" drawing...LOL....

藍空 said...

(deksuteru) ya lo, i think so, i think is my setting wrong ba.

(dOnDo-sHaRoN) it's ok, nice to meet u

Sharon.L said...

haha so u have any relation with fly studio? since i found ya robot on the com screen....LOL

藍空 said...

OMG, i forgot to take it out, plz help me delete it, paisei

Sharon.L said...

hhaha means u were sitting at my place b4 that ya...LOL i edi replace it with my drawing on my last day even though ngm se dek hahaha

藍空 said...

ya, industrial training at there before, so mean u r permanent staff there lo?