Monday, January 18, 2010

My Show Reel for 2010

Below is my demo reel, rigging reel n my FYP(not complete yet), current still seeking job, hope can get the job before end of this month...

My Demo Reel

My Rigging Reel, inside have show attribute control, wiring control, IK, Fk , Constraint, facial expression, lips sync & morphing ..

My FYP, at 1st i didnt plan to post it, coz it really not good, very disappointed, but....

FYP poster, i know fish help me post at their blog before, thx bro

nw graduated liao, nid seeking job, sienz, but here i wan to thx to somebody who have help me in my FYP, Fish always give me some suggestion on my FYP, from the modeling to animation, relly thx, bro, JP use whole nite, no sleep, no rest to help me on compositing at the last day before submit FYP,really thx, bro, Jia Hui & ah kit always share their info and add oil together, also very thx, bro

Nw still learning Maya modeling, really not use on using it, spend 3 day to model RX-78, but juz done 70% only(1 of the reason is bcoz too many drama tat i nid to watch, haha), anyway Good luck for those who have go to UK. enjoy the trips ba