Sunday, December 26, 2010


It's finally done!!!! Same thing happen, lousy laptop to limit a lot thing that i plan to do, but my desktop will b coming soon, so after that will be solve all the prob i facing nw.

Ok, this is my 1st time that i fully paint all the part, and oso 1st time to try in making hair, the result may not that good,but this will help me in the next model.

Here is the 1st material n lighting setup tat i use.

After some changing n testing,here is the final render

Rear View

The very 1st pose i make for this character, plan to make more, but.... same prob, lousy laptop, delay so much, mood oso gone, so wait my powerful desktop come lo....

C & C are welcome.


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This is Freaking amazing! literally everything about it is awesome!

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