Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New OP of Gundam OO season 2

New op for Gundam OO, damn nice, n i juz can get it from youtube, any1 have this song, plz send to me

Artist: Aimi
Song Name: 泪のムコウ
Type: Jpop Music
Rate: 8.5


Below is new ending for Gundam OO season 2, also nice listen (juz a fanmade, cant find the original 1)

Artist: Yuna Ito
Song Name: Trust You
Type: Jpop Music
Rate: 8

If some1 who have those song, plz share to me, thx

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Motion Graphic 2nd assignment(Universal Code)

Happy New Year to every1, nw is 2009 n my 1st post is second assignment of motion graphic.
idea giving by Ah Kit, n graphic prepare by Jia Hui n Elena, n me is cover whole animation n also 3D

modeling complete

n i try to add water to my heineken bottle

n the last part is the whole video

enjoy it!!